Package Receiving Service in Malden, MA

Tired of stolen packages and missed deliveries?

Always Home Delivery has the solution. Make your online orders and ship them us, then schedule a delivery using one of the options below. We'll receive the package for you and deliver it to your doorstep within a 1-hour window of your choosing.

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Everyone in Malden gets one free delivery! We also offer free deliveries to our advocates and at events. If you're interested in getting more free deliveries, see below.

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$5 Special Delivery

Malden is one of a handful of locations where we offer $5 delivery rates. To take advantage of this pricing you must schedule your delivery within a special delivery window.

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$12 Anytime Delivery

Anytime delivery is great when you need your package delivered at a time outside the special delivery windows. This option is available for all locations within our service area.

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25% of Malden residents report missing or stolen packages

According to our 2019 Package Theft Statistics, 1 in 4 Malden residents report that they have experienced package theft or missing packages.

Whether you live in the new luxury highrises, condos on the edge of town, or subsidized housing, chances are strong that you've had to deal with a missing or stolen package. And if you've been lucky enough to avoid those headaches, you've probably missed deliveries.

Malden is getting bigger by the day. These problems aren't going to go away -- they're going to grow.

Our package receiving service helps you avoid stolen package nightmares, missing package mysteries, and missed delivery frustration.

Our package receiving service is for you if...

If you've ever asked the question "where can I ship a package other than my house", our service is for you.

Our service might be useful to you if you've encountered issues like these:

  • My Amazon package was stolen from my doorstep
  • My deliveryman won't use my package lockers and leaves my packages in my lobby where anyone can take them
  • My packages were stolen from my apartment lobby or apartment building
  • UPS won't deliver to my house or apartment without my signature
  • My Amazon packages keep getting delivered to the wrong address
  • I'm unable to receive packages at my home due to an unconventional work schedule
  • My important packages (such as medical supplies) have been going missing

How to use our package receiving service

Getting started is a breeze. Learn more by visiting our package receiving service guide.

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If you want even more free deliveries, we offer a couple different options.

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