Package Receiving Service

Where can I have a package delivered (other than my home)?

If you've ever asked that question, then our service is for you.

Always Home Delivery helps you avoid stolen package headaches, missing package mysteries, and misdelivery frustration.

Our package receiving service might be a good solution for you if you've ever encountered these issues:

  • My Amazon package was stolen from my doorstep
  • I'm unable to receive packages at my home due to an unconventional work schedule
  • Someone in my building stole my package
  • My package was stolen from my apartment lobby
  • UPS won't deliver to my house
  • UPS delivered to a UPS access point instead of my home (again)
  • My Amazon package was delivered to the wrong address

How to use our package receiving service

We accept your packages for you and deliver them to your doorstep any time of the day or night, within a 1-hour delivery window of your choosing.

We charge you per delivery, meaning that we will deliver multiple packages at once for one flat rate. Generally, we deliver up to 5 packages per delivery.

Follow these 4 simple steps to use our package receiving service:

  1. Before ordering, confirm that we provide services in your area and read the service guidelines.
  2. Begin placing your order.
  3. When choosing the delivery recipient, list yourself as the recipient and add "c/o AH Delivery" after your name (for example, "Your Name c/o AH Delivery").
  4. When choosing the delivery address, use 1500 District Avenue, Burlington, MA 01803 as the address.

When you're finished, the address where your package will be delivered should look something like this:

Your Name c/o AH Delivery

1500 District Avenue

Burlington, MA 01803

And on Amazon, the delivery address should look something like this:


What happens next?

After placing your order, you'll need to schedule a delivery time. We'll drop off the package at your home within the 1-hour delivery window that you choose.

Every customer is entitled to one free delivery, which you can schedule by clicking the button below. If you're interested in scoring some more free deliveries, we offer a few options.

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If you don't have any free deliveries left, check out our pricing options for your town or click the buttons below to see our special rates for specific towns: